Suzie Empowered


I’m content. Really, I am. I get to sing and dance for a living and I’m always surrounded by hot men. Sure they’re all gay, but seriously, hot is hot!
Truth? After my stupid prom date tried to force himself on me, I resolved to avoid straight men at all costs. However, that resolve is tested when I come face to face with my friend’s sexy brother – Indi.
Indi is different than the rest, he’s patient, kind, and… well, let’s just say Indi’s the first straight man I ever wanted to let in.
Even under the lights of New York City, the stars shine bright; but no star shines quite as bright as Suzie Fisher.
At first, I was convinced she wasn’t into me; but damn, when she kissed me, my world totally changed.
Things are great, until he comes back into Suzie’s life, determined to force her into silence.
As her life crashes around her, there’s nothing I can do but wait and hope our fragile relationship will survive.