Bobby Transformed

After leaving a bad relationship as well as being laid off from his job at a big newspaper, Bobby Devereaux faced his demons by writing a novel featuring his ex as the villain. Little did Bobby know that his life would change after sending the novel to a former coworker who had recently been hired by a publisher in New York.

Through some interesting twists and turns, Bobby is transformed from a gritty reporter to a graphic novelists.

Liam is the new CEO of Rickard Publishing and one year after his father stepped down and left him with a major mess, Liam is forced to find a novel that changes his luck or face being kicked out of the CEO position that’s been occupied by one of his family members for generations.

Bobby Devereaux sweeps into Liam’s life and not only saves the day with his creative and quirky novel, but he also finds a way to break the ice walls surrounding Liam’s heart. The question is, can their love survive gossiping exes, nasty critics and a father who runs off with Liam’s ex?